Fle4 with 2D layout

Fle4 development was restarted after a long pause, and during spring 2013 we’ve made significant progress. Of most importance is the new map view or 2D view, where each discussion entry flows freely in a two-dimensional space. This has been envisioned already in the 1990s, but it took this long for web technologies to be mature enough.

You can try out the 2D view below this post, by participating in the discussion.

Fle4 works with WordPress 2.9

WordPress 2.9 will be released in just a few days. Fle4 is now tested to work correctly with 2.9. And the oldest version Fle4 supports is 2.7.

Fle4 also now has comment sorting, so KB comments can be sorted according to author, knowledge type, or date. This is still a bit hacky, and gets quite slow when you have like a hundred comments in the thread, but it’s there to play with.

Scaffolding support added

The WordPress plugin now supports Knowledge Building typesets exported from Fle3. Scaffolding is also functional, so colors, phrase starters, check lists and detailed descriptions of KB types are now visible when writing a comment to a KB-enabled blog post.

Support for Fle3 knowledge type sets added

The WordPress plugin now supports Knowledge type sets exported from Fle3. There are several sets available at the Fle3 downloads section. At this point you need to unzip them, rename the “fledom.xml” file to something that describes the set, and place it into the kbsets subfolder of the plugin. After that the set will show up in the administration screens (Settings, Knowledge Building).