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Knowledge Building is a process of collaboratively building new understanding and knowledge through meaningful discussion. This plugin allows knowledge building processes to happen on WordPress comments. There are several different knowledge typesets to choose from, and they can be mapped to individual post categories, so other posts will continue to use their normal commenting functionality, while some categories will be equipped with knowledge building tools.


This plugin is hosted in the WordPress Plugin Directory.


Install the plugin as you normally would, into its own folder inside wp-content/plugins. Go to WP admin, and enable the Knowledge Building plugin. After this, go to Settings, and open the new settings page “Knowledge Building”. There you can select which knowledge typeset to use with which post category. By default, no typesets are used, so you need to make some change to see anything actually happen.

Also check out David Groos’s instructions on setting up Fle4 and working with themes, multiuser setups, etc on various versions of WordPress.


You can see knowledge building in action, using two different knowledge type sets:

  1. Progressive Inquiry
  2. Six Hat Thinking

You can also take a look at the latest beta version.


The knowledge building plugin for WordPress is licensed under GPL 2 license. This means that you are free to use this software for any purpose, and to modify it as necessary. In case you will publish your modified version of the plugin, you will need to also release the source code under the same license.


Take a look at the readme.txt to see version history. You can follow the development in github and let us know about any difficulties you may have by submitting new issues.

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