About Fle4

Fle4 – Knowledge Building for the rest of us.

Fle4 (Future Learning Environment 4) is a collection of tools and plugins that provide support for Knowledge Building processes in various platforms.

Knowledge Building

Knowledge building is the process of collaboratively building shared knowledge. For more information, see the About Knowledge Building page.

Tools and Plugins

A Knowledge Building plugin for WordPress is nearly ready. Other plugins (e.g. for Moodle) will follow.

Take a look at what Knowledge Building looks like on WordPress.


Fle4 is a continuation of Fle3, which was a Zope server product for knowledge building, jamming, webtops, and course management. Fle4 takes the key feature of Fle3, knowledge building, and provides it as a plugin for other plaforms.

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  5. Willem Schut

    Dear Tarmo and others,

    Problem with the new version 0.7 in wordpress 3.7.1:
    Warning: dir(__DIR__\kbsets) [function.dir]: failed to open dir: No error in D:\Apache2.2\htdocs\ovdthalte2\wp-content\plugins\knowledge-building\knowledge-building.php on line 80
    Version 0.55 gives no problems.
    environment: windows7 pro, apache 2.2.22, php 5.2.17. mysql 5.0.51, java jdk 17.0.03

  6. Willem Schut

    FLE4.0.55 + wordpress 3.8 problem. In 3.7 everything works.
    Can choose a Kb model, can choos de kind of commnet but a blank screen when I give a PostComment on the comment

  7. Willem Schut

    FLE 0.7 works with wordpress 3.8.1. The problem is different. You have to choose the home page as postpage and not a static homepage. I had an other page as postpage and that goes wrong. It would be nice when that also works. The networkview look great, thanks.
    Have a creative 2014.

    1. Tarmo

      Not sure I understand. Apparently you’re talking about the Front page and Posts page selections in Reading settings. They should not affect how any other posts behave. Showing comments on the page you’ve selected to be the Front page or Posts page may not work, but that probably shouldn’t, as people normally don’t even want to see comments on those pages.

  8. Willem Schut

    In WP3.7/3.8-> you can choose in dashboard->themes wether the post are on the front/home page or you have a static front/home page and an other page for the posts. When you choose the last option kb makes mistakes. It’s not very important but new users could be confused when they try this.

  9. Willem Schut

    Avatar problem kb 0.7: changed in all the kb php files get_avatar in get_wp_user_avatar ( as mentioned in de readme file from wp-user-avatar plugin) but I still don’t see a foto as avatar in the kb-comments. (without kb, I can se the avatar-fotos in the comments)


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