About Knowledge Building

Knowledge building is the process of collaboratively building knowledge, aiming at deep understanding of the issues as well as development of skills needed in collaborative problem solving work. Some further reading about KB:

Some key terminology:

  • KB is short for knowledge building.
  • Knowledge Type: Each note in a KB discussion is tagged with one knowledge type (also known as a thinking type). Typically, a knowledge type has the following information: visual cues, semantic information, and cognitive scaffolds.
  • Knowledge Typeset: A typeset is a collection of knowledge types that together are useful in a particular KB process. Examples are “Progressive Inquiry”, “Six Hat Thinking”, “Design Thinking”, and others.
  • Cognitive scaffolds: Writing aids presented to an individual composing a new note or comment into a KB discussion. These scaffolds aim to improve the quality of the note by providing tips, check lists, and other helpful information to the writer.

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