Fle4 works with WordPress 2.9

WordPress 2.9 will be released in just a few days. Fle4 is now tested to work correctly with 2.9. And the oldest version Fle4 supports is 2.7.

Fle4 also now has comment sorting, so KB comments can be sorted according to author, knowledge type, or date. This is still a bit hacky, and gets quite slow when you have like a hundred comments in the thread, but it’s there to play with.

4 thoughts on “Fle4 works with WordPress 2.9

  1. David

    I uploaded the new version. It gives me the following on the top of my threads:
    Show notes

    * as thread
    * by knowledge type
    * by person
    * by date

    But there is no way to click them or do anything with this list. Did I do something wrong in installation?

  2. David Porcaro

    It works just fine when I view the fle4.uiah.fi database. However on my own database it doesn’t work. Also, I was unable to delete the old version (0.4) of FLE4. It would not upgrade automatically (it couldn’t delete the old version), so I manually installed the new version (0.5.3) and just deactivated the old version.

    1. Tarmo Post author

      Hmm… The plugin needs to be in the folder “knowledge-building”. If you installed it in any other folder, it will not work. So you can just go ahead and delete the old version from the file system, install the new version, then go to wp-admin and deactivate and activate the plugin to make sure all initialization scripts get executed properly. After that everythin should work.


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